How to create a Symbolic Virtual Host Link for Apache 2.2


In this post I’ll explain how to create a Symbolic Virtual Host Link for Apache 2.2. This technique provides more flexibility in the local Virtual Host management. You will also avoid to set up every time a new Virtual Host for each application preventing, so, some of the most common and annoying server errors.
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Flash post: how to disable “Send & request money with Gmail”


Well, I sent an e-mail from Gmail and a weird pop up appeared on the Message editing window.
Now you can send and receive money by GMail because Google Wallet is integrated with Gmail, so you can quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail.

I honestly don’t like it..
I don’t like the idea to mix emails and money in this way for security issues. Different could be sending a confirm email after a payment but alike annoying to privacy issues. Ok, I’m not in love with the Online Banking neither but here we’ll talk about the new (new at the time I write this article) Google feature of Send & request money with Gmail. It’s not pre-configured with your credit card details but the new button called additional action is automatically activated on GMail. So, let’s see how to disable it.
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