Wordpress: How to fix the “Site address” during publication


How many times happens that, after developing a WordPress website on you local environment, after publishing the new shining website to live, something is broken!?!

What is that? Well, after building all the structure, articles etc on localhost (or anywhere else) nothing works?

Yes, this is due to a Site Address reference stored into the database. Actually, there are really many references to http://localhost/ and changing everything by hand is just a nightmare. Just think about all the internal links between posts / articles, images and so on.
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Moving MySQL database folder to a different location on the same server

MySQL logo

Authors: Dariusz Falkiewicz, Mauro Donadio

Few days ago from the post date, Dariusz Falkiewicz and I had to move a MySQL database folder to a different location on the same server.
We worked on Ubuntu Server v12.10 and had to move MySQL v5.1.41.

The first and main idea was to “mv” the folder to a different location and create a symbolic link to replace the original folder.
It sounds good, it could work! Later we realised that moving MySQL default folder is not so easy as it appears.

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